Bigg Boss 12 Day 103 Written Update: Will Romil and Sreesanth's conflicts ever end?

Hey there! Welcome to the second last episode of Bigg Boss 12 before the grand finale. No more tasks for any of the housemates! Three surprise guests are coming in and will have an introspection into everyone's perceptions. Let's see what all is happening!

09:10 PM

Actor Jay Bhanushali, former BB contestant Vikas Gupta and journalist Shweta Singh are guests in the house. Is Deepak trying to reap the benefits of being a small town guy? Romil and Jay find themselves in an argument. Deepak's aggression is also in question.


09:20 PM

Soon after Sreesanth is accused of overreacting in every situation, he breaks down in tears and escapes to the washroom.  Deepika runs to console him.


09:30 PM

The breakdown session is followed by a massive war of words between Romil and Sreesanth. Vikas has to admit that Sreesanth is indeed the mastermind in the house! They exchange a hug.


09:50 PM

Dipika thinks she and Sreesanth will make it to the finale.  Romil thinks his bond with Deepak is a genuine one but Deepak clearly believes otherwise! As per all of them, Romil has never been his real self in the show.


10:00 PM

Sreesanth has taken his conversation with the guest judges to his heart. He can't remember an instance when he showed off his celebrity status. Dipika to the rescue again!


With just a day to go before the grand finale, Saturday is going to be an eventful affair. Housemates will have an emotional flashback series is what we assume. Stay tuned to catch all updates about the very last phase of Bigg Boss 12!

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