Bigg Boss 12 Day 31 Written Update: Sreesanth spits all over the show

As day 31 approaches in the Bigg Boss house and the inmates are playing hard to win. All the mind games come to a halt with the ongoing task, yet, we see Deepak snuggling with Romil while discussing their strategy. Have a look:

09:10 pm

Sreesanth tries to escape from the house when Bigg Boss announces that all the ghodas of the house will be sleeping in the garden area. Bigg Boss sends them mattresses and Sreesanth leaps to escape. Deepak and Urvashi start yelling and fighting. Tears stream down Urvashi's eyes and Surabhi intervene.

09:20 pm

Sreesanth's anger seems no bound. The girls try to quell his anger when Surabhi starts singing tunelessly. All this while, Shivashish tries to calm Urvashi down. Another fight takes place between the Khan sisters and Jasleen. the captaincy is surely getting everyone riled up.

09:30 pm

The house is getting ever negative. The inmates are trying their best to become the captain. Deepak decided to hide the ghoda cap, which the ghodas have to wear before stepping on the treadmill, this did not go well with Dipika and Sree Santh.

09:45 pm

The fight gets ugly as Dipika retaliates by erasing the scores from Deepak’s scoreboard. Dipika also splashes water on Deepak's face. This is war!

09:59 pm

Sreesanth loses his cool and tries to erase Deepak's name from his board. Angrily, Sree spits on his name which enrages everyone in the house.

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