Bigg Boss 12 Day 32 Written Update: Secrets are spilling out and no one is spared

It is day 32 and secrets are going to unravel in the Bigg Boss house. As season 12 has crossed the one-month mark, the game is only getting bigger. The ongoing rivalry between Romil Choudhry and Sreesanth is getting bitter by the moment. Have a look:

09:10 pm

Sreesanth corners Deepak inside the house and they both makeup. Sreesanth apologises for spitting on Deepak's name, saying that was his strategy to confuse the other inmates. He then starts wailing in the bathroom and Dipika helps calm him down. In the makeshift stable, the other inmates discuss the captaincy. The Khan sisters try to bargain for more carrots to win the task.

09:20 pm

As the task ends, Deepak and Shivashish become contenders in the race of the captaincy. Deepak contemplates his loneliness when he realises that Urvashi didn't say a word when Sreesanth spat on his board. Romil and the Khan sisters get into a verbal spat about Deepak. Romil and Sree get into another spat about the electronic trimmer.

09:30 pm

Bigg Boss introduces a very controversial stint as the captaincy task, called Sansani Khej Khabar. In this, Bigg Boss sends a few controversial hints about the house inmates. The contenders of the captaincy, then, have to guess who the secret is about.

09:45 pm

To add to the drama, the inmates are seen misguiding the two to confuse them, add elements of curiosity.

09:59 pm

It seems like Jasleen has a few skeletons in her closet and has a love for keeping her personal life quite secretive! Apparently, before Anup Jalota came into her life, she had another affair with a celebrity and kept the news under the radar. Even Karanvir Bohra has a very interesting secret - his ex had tapped his phone and tried to do black magic!

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