Bigg Boss 12 Day 37 Written Update: Things get violent over eggs!

The wildcards are proving that they really are wild! As Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task, it is clear that new entry Megha Dhade is running the show!

09:10 pm

A new spat takes over the house as Sreesanth and Deepak have a verbal fight over a trivial matter. Wildcard entry Megha is already starting to plan and influence the other inmates. The others discuss that Megha is already a winner of the Marathi Bigg Boss, and she's had time to watch the contestants before coming in.

09:20 pm

Bigg Boss announces the Luxury task of the week. The garden area has been converted into a poultry farm. This farm has a hen that lays an egg at regular intervals. The egg has to be grabbed by one of the inmates. Then, the egg must be sold to a shopkeeper in exchange for a fellow contender’s statue, who according to them should be out of the captaincy race. On getting this statue, the statue is to be crushed and dumped.

09:30 pm

During the task, Surabhi taunts Sree during the task. Things get violent as Saba tries to steal an egg. Surabhi attacks Dipika. Both get disqualified. Srishty starts crying about how Sree spoke to her when Jasleen called her out.

09:45 pm

Deepak states he is playing for Karanvir cause he wants Urvashi to be the captain. The Khan sisters voice their opinion, quite loudly. A teary Urvashi gets agitated as Somi Khan yells on the top of her voice.

09:59 pm

As the last egg comes out, the inmates get more and more violent. Deepak gets himself an egg and Srishty gets hurt, as the others pile on. Deepak squashes Dipika's statue. What will happen next?

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