Bigg Boss 12 Day 53 Written Update: Time for a twisted Diwali

Diwali without family isn't Diwali at all, the inmates of the Bigg Boss 12 house have realised that. In an attempt to brighten up their Diwali, Bigg Boss plays a sweet message from the outside world. The contestants' families send sweet wishes their way and tears start flowing. Have a look:

09:10 pm

The house wakes up to the tunes of Happy Diwali! Everyone dresses up for the occasion. Bigg Boss has a gift for everyone - a video message from the housemates' families! All the contestants are excited, visibly so.

09:20 pm

Here's a twist, however. Bigg Boss calls three contestants to the activity areas one-by-one. These three inmates have to decide, who amongst them will get to hear the full family message. Twisted!

09:30 pm

Karanvir and Shivashish let go of their messages for Surbhi. Next up are Jasleen, Somi and Megha; Jasleen gets the chance to hear her message. Amongst Deepak, Rohit and Sreesanth, Deepak gets the golden chance.

09:45 pm

Dipika, Srishty and Romil get grouped - it is Romil who hears his message. However, Romil requests Bigg Boss to let Somi hear her message. What a gentleman. Somi gets to hear and see her family and she breaks down.

09:59 pm

The housemates have a laugh and celebrate Diwali with a smile. Numerologist Sanjay Jumani finds his way into the house to give the inmates an insight into their mindsets and life. The housemates then have a dance party.

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