Bigg Boss 12 Day 54 Written Update: Dipika Kakar needs to chill!

While the days trudge on, it is Karanvir whose desperation knows no bounds. In an effort to win the captaincy task, he tries all the wicked tricks in the book. Have a look:

09:10 pm

Inmates wake up to the tunes of Do Dhaari Talwar. Sree and Deepak strategise about the captaincy task. They also discuss the jail days. Sreesanth praises himself and his captaincy abilities. Surbhi and Deepak then exchange some heated words.

09:20 pm

Sreesanth goes on a tirade of his struggle days, while the next captaincy competition is announced. Each of contestants will be given a bowl of water. They need to hold it and walk in a square-like set up in the garden area. They must not allow water to fall from the bowl. As soon as the water in any bowl is over, that particular contender is out and the last one to stay becomes the captain. Dipika is the sanchalak of this task.

09:30 pm

Dipika just can't seem to keep calm! As the sanchalak, she's taken to act all haughty. She decides that Somi has lost this round. The entire house erupts in chaos. In the next round, it seems that Dipika is favouring Megha, but Megha loses. After a lot of yelling, Karanvir wins the task.

09:45 pm

Dipika and KV sit down to discuss the task. The other inmates discuss that Dipika has favoured KV. Deepak and KV exchange a few of their own thoughts.  Surbhi starts to sing an emotional song along the lines of Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai.

09:59 pm

Bigg Boss sends special food to the house. After a while, another brawl breaks out in the house. This time, between Surbhi and Romil. Heated words are exchanged. Surbhi breaks down, crying in bed.

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