Bigg Boss 12 Day 71 written update: Surbhi Rana and Romil Chaudhary's fight is beyond repair

After the much shocking Srishty Rode elimination, Monday’s episode is all about emotions and the usual fights. In one of last week’s episode, Sreesanth shared his side of the Bhajji slapgate controversy and on Monday night he is ready to make a new revelation with regards to his spot-fixing fiasco. There will be some tears too. A raging captain Surbhi Rana takes the nomination task in her hands. Monday show already seems to be entertaining and we’re just getting started.



9:10 pm

The show begin with Jasleen confronting Surbhi Rana over her being sent to the kaal kothari unfair. And argument ensues between them. Can’t expect anything else, can we! Sreesanth pours out about the black day of his life (read the match-fixing fiasco) and how he and his family are still mentally suffering from it. All the housemates gather around to console him as the former cricketer breaks down. Meanwhile, Karanvir and Somi are bitching about Dipika and Sreesanth’s inseparable bhaichara!



9:20 pm

The rule-breaker, Rohit Suchanti is at it again. This time, however, he gets punished by the captain Surbhi who makes him wash the utensils. And obviously, there is a fight and some secrets are out. Surbhi reveals how Romil claimed Somi is a weak contestant after which the unhappy club becomes unhappier, courtesy Romil!

9:30 pm

This week’s nomination task – Line Of Control, is here but with a twist! The house is divided into two teams – Team A and B - with the captain Surbhi Rana having the power to save any team from nominations. No prizes for guessing who gets nominated first - Jasleen followed by Rohit and surprisingly, Romil and Somi too.

9:40 pm

At the end of the day, Romil, Jasleen, Dipika, Deepak, Megha get nominated and the Romil vs Surbhi fiasco continues to be dragged.



9:50 pm

Romil is quite upset after the war of words with Somi and he later apologises to Somi by leaving a sorry note for her. Awww. The two tried to sort out things but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

Tuesday’s episode looks interesting. The task may give Dipika and Romil a chance to vent out their week-long frustration with Surbhi.


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