Bigg Boss 12 Day 82 Written Update: Housemates face Salman Khan's wrath!

Since Weekend Ka War has shifted to Fridays and Saturdays, Friday's episode begins with Salman Khan going through a recap of all the chaos created by the housemates and teaches them a lesson. Interesting. For the Kaal Kothari, we have Sreesanth, Romil and Deepak - courtesy, Surbhi Rana. Let's see what kind of drama unfolds tonight.



9:10 pm

Host, Salman Khan makes an entry to interact with the housemates rather screw them. Surbhi Rana is the first one to come under Salman Khan's radar. The host bashes Surbhi for her disgusting behaviour and she is simply speechless, she is called worse than Sreesanth. Whoa! The next target is Rohit and we all know why. Man, he screws the hell out of Rohit.



9:20 pm

According to Salman, Surbhi, Rohit and Sreesanth should have been in jail. A helpless Surbhi breaks down, tries to justify herself and thinks that Salman is being partial towards Sreesanth. Salman further moves towards Jasleen and Somi for their loud behaviour.  Next are the boys, Salman picks up the 'being violent' term and the boys are speechless.



9:30 pm

Dipika is reminded of being aggressive in all the tasks and she gently justifies herself. Salman also discusses the school bus task (only to prove that Somi is a weak contestant). Here we go, Salman brings in the lingerie incident.



9:40 pm

Karanvir, Rohit and Surbhi are bashed for their indecent humour and informs them about the flak that came in on social media. Time for the Appy Fizz caller of the week and it's for Romil. He is called as a confused player and justifies himself, like a typical lawyer.



9:50 pm

Salman Khan mentions that there will be not one but two evictions this week only to scare the housemates, only one will go.


Saturday's episode will have a panel of Surbhi's brother along with Sreesanth's and Karanvir's wife, to debate on the housemates' behaviour. Riteish Deshmukh will be seen to promote his upcoming film Mauli and much more.

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