Bigg Boss 12 Day 84: Sreesanth's wife enters the house and lashes out at Surbhi Rana

Saturday's episode saw Jasleen Matharu and Megha Dhade say goodbye to the show. But after the unexpected eviction, Sunday promises to be high on emotions as family members of the inmates are set to enter the house. The sad part is this episode will be without host Salman Khan. Catch all the drama ahead!


9:10 pm

Taking over from Saturday, the housemates start their day with a Play, Pause and Fast Forward task. The task goes like this: Bigg Boss, in intervals, will announce to be in the play, pause or fast forward mode and the inmates need to tune into the same. This task will take place when their families are inside the house.


The first family member to enter the ghar is Surbhi Rana's brother. Well, Surbhi and the other inmates are in the pause mode, as announced by Bigg Boss. Surbhi's brother was all smiles inside the house where he revealed that he is a huge fan of Sreesanth. Oh oh, we expected the brother to have a verbal war with Sree in defence of his sister, but what we see is beyond words. Impressive!


9: 20 pm

Here comes the lady we all were rooting for. Yes, it's Sreesanth's wife, Bhuvneshwari Kumari in the house. As expected, the inmates were in a pause mode and Bhuvneshwari first hugs and kisses Sree. A little while and Sree's wife begins slamming Surbhi right, left and centre. From accusing Miss Rana of using the woman card smartly to not forgiving her for what she has said on national TV to her hubby, Bhuvneshwari was fiery and we loved it.


Sreee even tried to tell his wife to hug it out and finish the animosity with Surbhi, but all she said was a BIG NO. Sree's kids accompanied his wife to the house and one of them even called Dipika Kakar 'bua'.


9: 30 pm

Deepak Thakur's papa makes an entry in the house and as they say, like father like son. Deepak's dad is just as humble and grounded as his beta. Now, we know from where Deepak gets those positive qualities. After Deepak's dad, we see Rohit Suchanti's maa in the ghar. Such a delightful episode until now. It’s loaded with emotions.


9:40 - 9: 50 pm

The last family member to arrive in the house is Karanvir Bohra's wife Teejay with their twin kids. KV's wife was really sweet to all the Bigg Boss contestants. She did however laud Dipika and Sree for always helping her hubby during trying times. As a wife, she did made KV aware that he needs to stop sobbing on the show.


10:00 pm

All we saw in Sunday’s episode was fun and family. What a pleasant change from all the fighting we’re used to. Dipika, Somi and Romil's families are yet to come to the house. They will of course make their entry in Monday's episode.


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