Bigg Boss 12 Day 9 Live Updates: Welcome to another day infused with loads of mayhem

8:58 pm

After the nominations on Monday, the Bigg Boss house is on fire. Tuesday looks pumped up, as per few promos released by Colors TV, a tough task between the singles vs jodis is to be expected. The singles will be tortured as the jodis are in no mood to go slow. Catch all the drama ahead!


9:05 pm

It's day 9 for the housemates and we see the surila boy Deepak Thakur and Romil Chaudhary discussing strategies to survive and how to be  the next captain of the house. Cut straight to the kitchen area, we see an argument brewing between Deepak and Sourabh with regards to the food in the kitchen. Woah, we never knew that Deepak had a strong side too.

9:13 pm

It is time for the second luxury budget task of the house which is obviously between the singles vs jodis. Today, the pairs will try everything to test the patience of the singles. One by one, singles will sit on the throne set up in the garden area while the jodis will harass them with an aim to provoke.


9:17 pm

There is ruckus in the garden area as Neha Pendse volunteers to be the first bakra. The jodis brought their A-game to this task drenching Neha in egg infused water, powder, flour and what not. Neha looks like an absolute mess as the singles protests outside the boundary.

9: 20 pm

An anxious Sreesanth is reduced to tears and seems disinterested to play the dirty task even as Srishty Rode tries her best to convince the pacer to not be a spoil-sport. Even Karanvir attempts to coax him into the task.

9:25 pm

We see Srishty on the throne holding the ring in her hand. All the pirates (jodis) dunk water on Rode but it looks like the babe could not take the paani ka bahar, as she loses her calm and yells at the pairs. Oh such a delicate darling!

9:30 pm

One of the strongest contenders of the house, Dipika plays the task really well after getting drenched from head to toe. But at some point it seems like she loses her grit and breaks down. Oh my, the jodis are winning the task and how!

9:32 pm

Sreesanth loses his calm again and screams at the jodis as his dear friend Karanvir is on the throne this time. Sree could not see Karanvir being tortured with all sorts of junk. 


9:40 pm

Bigg Boss announces that the task is over for today. Cut straight to the singles, we see them discussing strategy on how to get back at the jodis when they'll be on the throne facing the music.

9:48 pm

Well well, what do we have here! Deepak Thakur and one of the Khan sisters bonding and discussing how well they have played the task. Cut straight to Saba and Roshmi, we see both the girls murmuring in a low voice but they aren't really audible. That makes us curious to know what they were talking about...

9: 52 pm

Before the singles take on the jodis, looks like pairs have a plan to execute. As we see Shivashish Mishra hiding shampoos and other ingredients, before the singles can use it on them during the part 2 of the Samundari Lootere task.

9:58 pm

Anup Jalota's girlfriend Jasleen Matharu wears the planner's hat and talks to Roshmi how the singles will not target the bhajan singer, but will torture her to the fullest in the task. Well, we see a scared Jasleen here.

10:00 pm

Wednesday will see the celebrity power over the jodis. But the big question lies will Sreesanth get dirty and participate in the task? The answer to this will be revealed tomorrow. Until then, sayonara!

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