Bigg Boss 12 Day 96 Written Update: Surbhi Rana feels helpless, has an emotional break down

It’s finally the time for the contestants to pay the price for their misbehaviours in the house throughout the week. The kaalkothri punishment is here to set them right. Tonight, the contestants will decide three names collectively and the selected contestants will be sent to the kaalkothri. Plus, former BB contestants Manu Punjabi and Pritam Singh will be seen interacting with the housemates tonight. Are you up for the fun? Get, set, go…let’s begin!


9:10 pm

Manu and Pritam connect with the contestants through the TV. The housemates, one by one, start naming the contestant for the kaalkothri. The housemates choose Karanvir Bohra as the first contestant. KV gets annoyed over the housemates over the same and feels that the housemates have been unfair. Meanwhile, the housemates poke fun at him.


Manu feels Dipika is a 'superb speaker' who speaks her heart out. Both Manu and Pritam feel that Surbhi is the most ill-mannered contestant in the house.

Who will be the next two contestants to enter the kaalkothri?

9:20 pm

Surbhi becomes the second contestant. The contestants now start deciding the third contestant.


Deepak is termed as the most 'irritating' person in the house and gets nominated as the third person for the kaalkothri. Soon after the nominations, Manu and Pritam step inside the house.

9:40 pm

Here comes the twist. Manu and Pritam are given a special power to save one contestant from the kaalkothri. KV becomes the lucky contestant.


Meanwhile, in the kaalkothri, Surbhi feels she has been meaninglessly targetted by the housemates in the past weeks and breaks down. She is seen sharing with KV that she feels completely helpless and lonely in the house. Amidst this, Bigg Boss constantly tells her to not use English words and only speak in Hindi. However, Surbhi doesn't give a damn and continues speaking in English. Another violation of the house rules?

10:00 pm

In the middle of Surbhi's breakdown, Deepak and Surbhi get into an argument and the episode ends in between the same. The promo of tomorrow's episode shows that Simmba leads Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Rohit Shetty will be featured alongside Salman Khan. Can't hold the excitement!


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