Bigg Boss 12 Day 99 Written Update: Urvashi Rautela turns up cheer the already annoyed housemates

The first episode of the final week has begun and we are here for the drama. Will the contestants give it their best or this too will be a dull one? Dipika questions Sreesanth's contribution to the tasks and he is all fumed up. Let's watch all the drama that unfolds.



9:10 pm 

Sreesanth comes with his talk show called 'Aap Kitne Real Hai?' and it creates havoc among the housemates. Romil Chaudhary asks Surbhi about her sudden behaviour and she takes it personally.  Time for war.  Deepak comes under Bigg Boss' radar for some secret tasks as he gets a phone; every time it rings, he will have to perform a task. He gets his first call and there comes a serious task. Deepak has to hide Dipika's photo frame and Romil's turtle bag and the blame has to go on Karanvir. Looks like the lad is succeeding.



9:20 pm 

The housemates' are puzzled because of Deepak's secret karnama. The phone is now passed onto Surbhi and she has to perform the secret task. Oh no! Surbhi has to make Dipika cry until Sreesanth jumps in. The girl has started, already. Surbhi has successfully instigated Dipika and Sreesanth.



9:30 pm 

Next up is Sreesanth. The man is so frustrated that he is just not ready to accept the phone. Ahh, he finally does. Sreesanth gets his secret task, where he has to dance and talk to everyone.



9:40 pm 

Bigg Boss finally reveals the secret task and also announces that they all have succeeded. The inmates will now get their Christmas gifts. Yay! Dipika and Sreesanth are clearly not impressed as they vent out their anger and she later apologises for her choice of words.



9:50 pm 

Whoa! The stunning Urvashi Rautela is in the house as everyone's Secret Santa and hands out gifts to everyone, on behalf of their family members. The housemates have something to cheer about, finally.  A Christmas party in the house. On that note, Merry Christmas to everyone!


Tuesday's episode will have former Bigg Boss contestant, Hina Khan in the house. Hina will assign the housemates some interesting tasks. Looks fun!

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