Bigg Boss 12: Girls and their lingerie woes will crack you up!

The 12th season of Bigg Boss has been around barely 3 days and the house is already on fire. From Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota’s love life to Sreesanth’s tantrums, the show has surely started on a promising note. While fans are just getting ready for a rollercoaster ride, we found a video on Instagram that has the girls having a whale of time discussing their lingerie.


TV bahu Dipika Kakar and Neha Pendse are seen talking about how it is embarrassing to hang out lingerie in the open to dry. The girls further laugh about how within a few days everyone will know each other lingerie and may even share them. Joining their discussion was Jasleen Matharu.

Well, we are really thrilled to see these girls discussing lingerie on national television, given that a large part of the country considers it a huge taboo to speak of female innerwear. But it looks like the girls are here to make a point to their fans that if a guy flaunts his vest or undie, then girls talking about their own lingerie should be no big deal too.

While the innerwear issues faced by women especially in the Indian society may seem relatable and make us laugh, one should not miss the point that the problem is bigger. The chances of not seeing your lingerie drying in the open for 105 days is next to nil. So, take a chill-pill ladies!


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