Bigg Boss 12 promo: Is Megha Dhade the new villain of the house?

Bigg Boss is dominating the air-waves. From controversial wild card entries to fights in the house, the show has managed to grab audience attention. While fans are soaking in the show’s excitement, we’re wondering who will be crowned the official ‘villian’ of the house. Will be Surbhi Rana or Sreesanth? Or will it be a third person? It looks like it could well be a third person given that wild card entry Megha Dhade has entered the coveted house. The actress has already won Bigg Boss Marathi and is now ready to take over Bigg Boss season 12.


The makers of the show released a promo in which we can see Megha talking to the other contestants of the house and giving her point of view on each one of them. Megha seems more than ready for the competition when we hear her saying, ‘Bachche hai yeh sab, game toh ab khelenge’. Fans will have to wait and see if she will indeed bring that extra zest to the show.

Before entering the house, Megha was the one who decided which contestants will be nominated this week. Probably fearing a backlash, she cleared the air about the nominated contestants as soon as she entered the house. She told them that it’s not like she didn’t like them, but the nominations were just to give them a push. It is clearly visible that Megha is playing a smart game from day one itself.

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