Bigg Boss 12 promo: Karanvir and Shivashish discuss Sreesanth’s instigating skills

Friends turned foes saga is not new to the reality show Bigg Boss, the tradition has been going on ever since its first season aired. The latest friendship that went kaput is that of Karanvir Bohra and Sreesanth.

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 12, Karanvir is seen having a serious conversation with Shivashish and justifying how Sreesanth always instigates him by passing remarks and urging him to react in the same manner. The actor also warned Shivashish that he can be the next person to get into Sreesanth’s bad books because of his flip nature.


Both of them were supposedly best friends during the initial weeks of Bigg Boss, however, as time passed and surviving amongst your competition became a task, their friendship hit rocks and they are now playing against each other.

It all started when Sreesanth went against Karanvir and to his surprise, he even nominated him. The duo since then has been into several arguments to an extent of physical aggression.

Well, only time will tell whether they will patch-up or choose to stay enemies throughout the season.

Excited much? So are we for the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to for all the latest updates from Bigg Boss 12.


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