Bigg Boss 12 promo: Romil Chaudhary and Surbhi Rana become muddy targets

Bigg Boss 12 began on a rather somber note for the show’s reputation, but with each passing day, the controversial show is slowly and steadily picking up steam. The house which needs its share of drama, pyaar and verbal war to survive, is grabbing eyeballs for all the right reasons. Friday’s episode saw Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu on a romantic cosy date and now as per a new promo out by the makers, it looks like Saturday is going to be a reality check for Surbhi Rana and Romil Chaudhary.


In the latest promo, we see the housemates accusing Romil and Surbhi of being fake. Jasleen claims Romil has changed completely after his re-entry in the ghar, Dipika Kakar pointed out that Surbhi speaks with no filters and is least bothered about others. Srishty Rode too chimes in saying Surbhi does not deserve to stay in the house, given that she has an opinion on everything. Well, that’s not it, Romil-Surbhi’s poster statues also get a mud bath.


Well, in another promo, its weekend ka vaar and we see Salman Khan’s buddy Govinda on the stage. The duo as usual will add all kinds of fun elements to the show. Stay tuned to for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 12.

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