Bigg Boss 12 promo: Somi Khan and Rohit Suchanti team up to make Deepak feel jealous

Every season of Bigg Boss has been incomplete without a budding love story with various consequences. Out of all the love stories born in the Bigg Boss house, some have succeeded and some ended up nowhere. In its latest season, we are all very much aware of Deepak Thakur’s liking for Somi Khan and all the antics that he does to impress her.

However, unfortunately, he doesn’t get the same response from Somi as she always ends up making fun of his proposal. The official account of Color’s TV shared the latest promo of tonight’s episode and it’s tragically hilarious!


In the promo, Somi Khan is seen showering some extremely cheesy comments on Rohit whilst holding his hands which is obviously disapproved by Deepak as he warns Rohit to get off. However, Somi interrupts and tells Deepak to mind his own business and latter is seen cursing Rohit! Well, this looks absolutely fun and we wonder if Somi will ever accept Deepak’s love for her. Though Somi’s family has wholeheartedly welcomed this could-be couple!

Let’s wait for tonight’s episode to see what followed this drama. Stay tuned to for all the live updates on Bigg Boss 12.

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