Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth’s stubbornness and Deepak Thakur’s comedy keeps the house entertained!

The controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 12 might have begun on a lighter note, but looks like the house is finally getting heated up. The day 2 of the reality show was infused with a lot of chaos, thanks to the former cricketer S Sreesanth who threw back-to-back tantrums. From not participating in the first luxury budget task, commenting on the Jaipur sisters upbringing to losing his will and threatening to exit the show, Sreesanth bought in a lot of drama.

Now, two new promos from episode 4 have been released and they are nothing less than a mayhem. The first video shows an agitated Sreesanth standing near the door and requesting Bigg Boss to open it. Among the many contestants, it is Dipika Kakar who is trying to calm him down. Sreesanth has always been known to be hot-headed. So will he quit the house or will he stay? We’ll only get to know when the show airs.

In video two, we see the surila Deepak Thakur trying hard to make the inmates laugh. We also hear him singing in English (with his Bihari accent). *giggles* Well, after the heated argument, a little fun is must.

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