Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan throws in a perfect surprise with zero eliminations

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Sunday's Weekend Ka Vaar was touted to be infused with a lot of drama. Apart from Salman Khan as the host and inmates all charged up, we witnessed actor Varun Dhawan who added a hell lot of energy inside the house. As per few promos released by Colors TV, it promised to be a cracker of a night. From the first sultani akhada tiff, Sui Dhaaga chap giving housemates and Salman Khan an interesting task to few heated arguments, all the madness unfolded on Sunday night.



9:10 pm

Taking over from Saturday, the show started with Varun Dhawan flashing his rapping skills along with the live musicians introducing the host of the show, Salman Khan. Not just this, as part of his latest flick, Sui Dhaaga's promotion, Varun also gifted the Bhai of Bollywood a jacket which read Made In India.

Cut straight to another view, we see Varun Dhawan with the housemates in the Bigg Boss house. Well, it was not just a house visit for Varun, as he gave the contestants a task titled 'Made In India', a competition of sorts between the singles and the jodis. Brief: The team who churns out maximum number of cushions by collecting the products popping on the conveyor belt, will win the battle.

The cushion making task created quite a confusion in the house. Amidst the mayhem, Srishty Rode lost her cool and lambasted the jodis for having an advantage of more people. Verdict: Jodis won it hands down!


9:20 pm

Then we are brought back to the studio where Salman and Varun discuss how fans are loving the calm Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu pair. It was then time for both the Judwaa stars to meet the contestants through the ghar ka TV. Known to school housemates, we saw Salman and Varun connecting dots between Kriti Verma and Shivashish Mishra. Aww, is the love really in air? Not really!

Even as the moment was getting light, out came a shocker. The singles unanimously decide that Sreesanth's performance in the task was the worst and the disappointment was evident on the pacer's face as he received top ki salami.

Up next, contestants were given a break. Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan gave Salman Khan the #SuiDhaagaChallenge to perform on the studio's stage. And guess what - he nailed it. We even saw Salman stitch 'SK' on a scarf. Varun was so impressed that he declared Bhai is a sarvagun sampann bachelor, who can stitch, cook, paint and what not!

Well, then it was time to bid adieu to Varun Dhawan!

9:30 pm

Host Salman Khan returned to the house TV, where he gave orders to unlock the jailed trio and bring them to the living area. Well, when Salman quizzed them on who they think should have been sent behind bars  instead of them, Karanvir and Romil picked Dipika Kakar's name and they opined that the TV Bahu behaves a bit bossy at times.


9:40 pm

The highlight of the show though was when Salman introduced the sultani akhada and declared it will be girls Srishty-Dipika locking horns with Saba-Somi. The interesting part - the team who wins it will be bestowed with a special power. Both the teammates placed their best verbal and physical strength forward. But seemed like Saba's nasty and unnecessary dig at Dipika actually charged the singles. Result of the war: Dipika and Srishty Rode won the task.

Special powers: Srishty and Dipika will not do any household chores till the next captainship task.

9:50 pm

Well, we all know that Dipika and Srishty were declared safe on Saturday night. We are then shown Salman Khan giving the jodis a clue on who among the housemates will be evicted. Tension clearly was seen on Saba-Somi, Kriti-Roshmi and Sourabh-Shivashish given that they were the ones up for eviction.  But it looks like Bigg Boss loves surprises as Salman happily announced that NO ONE will be eliminated. Woah, what a relief for the pairs!

Then an excited Salman is shown bidding sayonara to the housemates.


10: 10- 10:20 pm

Gossip sessions are now taking place in each corner of the house. Right from Deepak Thakur murmuring to Anup ji about how the game has just began, Urvashi Vani's dirty verbal war with one of the Khan sisters and more! BB 12 is turning out to be a treat.

10: 28 pm

Signing off on an excited note, Sunday can't get better than this. Right from Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan's banter, celebrities first win in the sultani akhada to witnessing zero unity among the commoners as a whole,today's episode was entertaining to the core. Well, Monday will ring in nominations, we can't wait to taste this controversial cake. Until then, bye fellas!

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