Bigg Boss 12 Day 92 Written Update : The 'play for yourself' strategy takes over

With two weeks to go before the finale, the tension is building up inside the Bigg Boss house. In the last round of elimination, Rohit Suchanti exited the house and the rest of the players are playing it hard! Let's find out what all follows tonight.

09:10 PM

Looks like today's the day for being upset. Romil upsets Surbhi with his bitter words. Sreesanth thinks Dipika has sustained in the show because she received preference. No points for guessing that tears followed. Sreesanth apologises but to no avail.

09:20 PM

Housemates are given a fire station task to win the ticket to the finale. Some serious brainstorming is on and the contestants are building their teams. Fire-managers Karanvir and Somi decide to save Romil over Surbhi. We smell old grudges!

09:30 PM

Looks like everyone has left their friendships behind and are now playing for themselves. Romil and Deepak have to choose between Deepak himself and Somi. They doom Somi...oops!

09:40 PM

It's Sreesanth vs Dipika! Karanvir and Somi decide to save Sreesanth over Dipika. Why aren't we surprised?

09:50 PM

Romil chooses to save himself and burns Somi's picture. But Deepak is unsettled as he didn't keep his promise. With this, the task for today is over. Somi slams Romil for too many fake promises.

Today's episode comes to an end with Romil, Deepak and Somi having a heated argument. Everyone is eyeing the finale and we aren't surprised equations are changing! Keep watching this space for more updates on Big Boss 12.

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