Kapil Sharma is back, it's all smiles on this flight!

The year 2018 wasn't good for comic Kapil Sharma. Stress and alleged alcoholism had taken a toll on the television host's health, his spiral into the depths of depression was a public event. However, here's some fantastic news for the TV personality and his fans! It was recently reported that Kapil Sharma was receiving treatment and therapy. We all saw his posts on Instagram praising Yoga. Kapil Sharma just announced that he is back in the city and that he is absolutely ready to make audiences laugh with a new season of The Kapil Sharma Show. Have a look:

Healthy food, quality time with friends and a quick trip to Punjab to meet his mother certainly agree with Kapil Sharma. The fight that took place onboard a flight, between him and his crew is still fresh inΒ the junta's memory. After splitting with his crew, Sharma started showing up late to shoots, making guests and the staff wait for abnormal hours. This led the studio to pause the show for a while. Hopefully, the comic has had enough time off and has happily recovered.

Stay tuned to in.com for updates on the life and times of Kapil Sharma and The Kapil Sharma Show.

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