Koffee With Karan 6 highlights: From Prabhas being a brat to Rana's affair with Trisha, a lot revealed

"If there's a film after Sholay that was that impactful, that relevant and that visionary, that is Baahubali." That's how Karan Johar's introduction sounded before he welcomed his guests for 23rd December's episode of Koffee With Karan 6. Guessed it already, didn't you?  Baahubali stars Prabhas, Rana Daggbati, and director SS Rajamouli graced the couch and tons of laughter followed.  Read on to know more!

Prabhas has NEVER been on a TV show before!

Surprising hell, but true! The Southern superstar has NEVER appeared on a TV show before. Ask him why and he will tell you, 'because I am lazy'! Even Rajamouli certifies to that.  Another reason being, Prabhas simply hates crowd. "In a crowd, he doesn't like more than 3 people," Rahamouli chuckles. Surprising, given that film stars are mostly always surrounded by people!

Who is the bad boy between Prabhas and Rana?

Raising an eyebrow? So are we. Rajamouli says it is Prabhas, though you can never find out. "I just get caught," sighs Rana. We also learned of this farmhouse Prabhas owns in Hyderabad. What all happens there? A lot of volleyball,  swimming, and food, he says. But you are free to guess anything! ;)

Prabhas- A BRAT?!

He is an out and out gentleman. But when it comes to food, Prabhas is a total brat. Rajamouli shared with us an incident when they sat for dinner one night around 2.30 a.m, and a certain chilly powder was missing. Such is Prabhas' specificness about food, that he did not touch anything until his brother-in-law went home, woke his wife, got it made and returned at 3.30 a.m!

"Why didn't you just marry Trisha?"

The above question was asked to Rana, who had a sort of suppressed laughter. He tried putting that he and Trisha have been friends for over a decade.  "Everyone on this sofa calls the other people their friend," Karan, the sly host, added. We learned that they did date very briefly but it didn't work out. Hmmm, sad!

When someone thought Rajamouli and Katappa were the same

That got to be a hilarious confusion. During the coffee shot round, Rajamouli was asked if he was ever mistaken as a Bahubali actor. He took a shot and we learned, someone thought he was Katappa.

Rana got different plans for Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif...

First of all, we like the two choices given to Rana! ;) He says, he finds Deepika Padukone to be the hottest in Bollywood right now. And Katrina? He would like to set Prabhas up with Katrina. Ahem! On that note, did you also read rumours that Kat was offered Prabhas' Saaho but turned it down! If it worked out, Rana's plan could just come true maybe? *Winks*

Sex vs Food for Prabhas

Prabhas very aptly puts that he would have been in the food business (food eating business, as Rajamouli says) if not films. He was asked which one would he give up on, between food and sex. After moments of silence, he chose sex. We agree! Giving up on food is just so much tougher...

Who's Bollywood's Devasena?

If Rajamouli ever had to cast a Bollywood actress as Devasena, there would surely be a big queue outside his home. But he picks Deepika Padukone. Looks like Deepika's reputation for period films is pretty strong, all thanks to Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Deepika and Ranbir is everyone's favourite! 

Last but not least, all three think Ranbir Kapoor is an extremely talented actor.  Both Prabhas and Rana, in fact, chose him over Ranveer Singh. Deepika is their top choice already. Quite sure all would have given a green signal to their pairing as well...

Karan Johar, the pouting legend

Rajamouli's daughter actually asked him to pout like KJO! This stirred a laugh riot. Karan's only prayer is that he should be known for his films one day and not for his pouts and talk shows.

So, that was the latest episode of Koffee With Karan 6. We might also want to add that the famous KWK hamper and the prize both went to Rajamouli. The director is the boss! The next episode will bring on a lot more madness. Keep watching this space for more updates on Koffee With Karan 6.

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