Varun Dhawan fans sabotage October’s trailer launch & Shoojit Sircar is not happy

Varun Dhawan’s next film October has created much stir for his fans by being the most unlikely Varun film. The slow and calm tone of the film is nothing like the ones featured on Varun’s filmography. During the trailer launch of the film, director Shoojit Sircar wanted it to be more of an October affair than Varun being the lead of the film. He wanted to recreate the slow and silent pace of the film but that was disrupted by a group of Varun fans who only wanted to make it a Varun show. Sircar did not take to the Varun chorus lightly.

As he introduced the faces behind the film, like producer Ronnie Lahiri and screenplay writer Juhi Chaturvedi, Varun fans invited for the launch kept shouting Varun’s name leaving little scope for Sircar to introduce anyone else. Irritated by the constant crowd calling he finally gave in and introduced Varun but he did not let go without saying, “looks like there is a box fitted to shout Varun”.

After the round of introductions as the fans continued their shrieks, Sircar finally lashed out, “My humble request to the fans, there is a lot of press here, if you shout too much, the press is going to get angry. Just stay calm a bit.” Embarrassed by the unruly behavior of his fans, Varun jumped in to support Sircar adding, “Let them (press) finish asking their questions. After the event I will come down and click selfies with you. I promise.” In the meantime Shoojit kept mumbling on how his fans can have a shouting marathon post the event. Varun’s words acted as the perfect pacifier as the fans finally let the launch progress in peace after that.

Sircar may have tried hard to separate Varun’s star aura for the launch and in the film but Varun’s fan made sure that was not the case leading to a botched up trailer launch.

October is slated to hit the screens on April 13.

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