Veeramadevi: Sunny Leone to face Padmaavat like protest by Kannad groups

In a shocking development on Monday, Pro-Kannada outfit Kannada Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene protested against Bollywood actor Sunny Leone’s casting in a multi-lingual film Veeramadevi. They claim that this was an insult to the historical figure and warned of a Padmaavat-like protest if she was not replaced.


To prove that the youths were serious with their demands, they also cut their hands with blades. The group’s youth wing president R Harish said it was not right to have Sunny Leone play a historical character, who had supported the cause of Hindus. “Leone is popular as a porn star and it such a person should not play a historical character, who is not only an icon of Kannada but also someone who built many temples,” he said.

According to the activists, Veeramadevi had built many temples in what is now Karnataka and, hence, their religious sentiments would be hurt if she is played by Sunny Leone. The protestors have vowed to disrupt the performance by Sunny in Bengaluru on November 3.

“We have bought at least 230 tickets for the performance, and we will disrupt it if she doesn’t stay away from the movie,” Harish said.


The activists said they had no problem with Sunny Leone acting in any movie or taking part in any programme that wasn’t about historical characters. “We are not against anything else, we just want her to quit this movie. Else, we will also have to protest like people in Rajasthan did against the movie Padmaavat,” Harish said.

Earlier, similar protests had occurred in December last year when the KRV Yuva Sene had protested against an event featuring Sunny Leone on New Year’s Eve. That programme was cancelled after the state government had backed away from ensuring security at the event.

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