After witnessing the luxurious Malaysian parliament, Shashi Tharoor wants an ‘upgrade’ in India too

Indian politician and our favourite (well, mostly) word marvel Shashi Tharoor recently flew to Malaysia. While on his visit, he made a trip to their parliament house. We are quite sure he has a lot of enriching takeaways from his trip and they would slowly make their way to his social media account. But in the immediate reaction… he said he was feeling a ‘pang of envy’!

It so happened, that Tharoor was taken aback to see how the MPs were treated with the most fitting and necessary facilities. He was quick to take to Twitter and tell us how he thinks the Indian parliament is in dire need to be upgraded as well!

The privileges that politicians and bureaucrats are entitled to, have stirred debates time and again. In fact, prior to every election, there is a huge hue and cry pertaining to how public money is spent on providing luxuries to them but the people get little in return. However, Tharoor’s tweet sounds like the public representatives do not have a comfortable experience at the parliament at all!

Now that you’ve made it public (and understandable too *winks*), sir, we wonder if it is going to fire a change anytime soon!

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