All the single men! PM Narendra Modi extends a warm welcome to Dutch PM Mark Rutte

Well, we may all be racking our brains wondering where the ‘Acche Din’ promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is considering the latest hike in the fuel price. Even as he steps into the last year of his term and leaves us with many unanswered questions, one thing we know for sure is that the PM has done wonders in terms of foreign relations. He has managed to excel in that front and hence we have the Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mark Rutte, visiting India for the second time. And that too within a year of Narendra Modi’s visit to Netherlands.

Mark Rutte has already stepped on our land and has received a warm welcome from the PM. This tweet by Narendra Modi serves as a proof.

As per the reports, Mark Rutte’s visit to India is to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries. A bilateral summit with PM Narendra Modi and a visit to ISRO are on the top of Mark Rutte’s agenda among the others. With two such dynamic personalities coming together for the betterment of both the countries, one can expect a profitable outcome.

As we look forward to Mark Rutte’s two-day stay in India, here are some really interesting facts that one must know about the Dutch PM.

  1. Call it a co-incidence or just a matter of choice, the Dutch Prime Minister holds a status of a ‘HAPPILY SINGLE’ just like our Prime Minister. He is 51-year-old and apparently has no plans of settling down in a matrimony.
  2. Going by a feature published in, Prime Minister of probably one of the most technologically advanced countries, makes use of an old Nokia phone to send text messages. Reason behind this is that he has a huge thumb which makes it difficult for him to use a smart phone.
  3. Even after becoming a Prime Minister, Mark Rutte continued to be a part-time teacher at The Hague’s Johan de Witt College.
  4. Being a politician was apparently not on Mr Rutte’s agenda ever. He wanted to be a concert pianist.
  5. Mark Rutte dabbled in business world before taking his oath as the Prime Minister. From being a part of Human Resources team at Unilever to being the human resource manager for IgloMora Groep, Mark has had a successful career out of public service.


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