Four Years of Narendra Modi government: PM launches app

It’s been four years since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. Over the years there were many reactions to his style of administration. The Prime Minister launched an app through his website to better understand the citizens’ reaction on his way of work. But we’ll get to that later, for now, let’s have look at what NaMo tweeted to mark his big day.


In an early morning tweet, Modi said that development has become a ‘vibrant mass movement’ and that every citizen contributing to the growth of the country. In a show of humility, Modi bowed to Indians, saying that the citizens are his sources of motivation. His next tweet shared a list of achievement that his government completed.


Later in the day, NaMo shared a tweet where he stated that the citizens' voice counts. The tweet links you to an app which allows you to participate in a survey. The survey is set up to take in the opinions of citizens about popular BJP leaders at the constituency and state levels. It allows you to rate them based on their availability, honesty, humility, and popularity.

However, many raised questions on the performance of the government on his tweet itself. Some complained about the lack of jobs and the destruction of small businesses. Many even trolled the PM on the rising prices of petrol and diesel. 

With the government’s and by extension PM’s tenure coming to an end next year, let’s see what changes come in and what is the agenda for the next election campaign in 2019.

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