Indian Railways to play video explanations on platform when train is delayed

With an aim of making their services more passenger friendly, the Indian Railways has now decided to play videos on platforms, as and when a train is delayed. Explanatory in nature, the videos will be of one minute in length. Through this, the Railways would apologise to the passengers for the delay and also explain the reason for the same.

As per reports, almost 30% of total trains run late. As a result, the punctuality performance of the Railways goes down. As per a report of NDTV, 71.39% of express and mail trains kept up to punctuality between April 2017-March 2018. Between the period of 2016-2017, it was 76.69%. This is a deterioration of 5.30 per cent.

The management plans to run the videos on information screens at stations. Footages of ongoing repairing work at various junctures of railway tracks and passengers waiting at stations will be seen. While they apologise for the delays, the Railways also wants to convey how maintenance work is going to ensure a smooth travelling experience in future.

A narrator's voice will be incorporated in the audio, who will talk about the track maintenance work as well.

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