Madrasas produce terrorists: UP Shia Waqf Board Chief

Speaking out against the functioning of madrasas was Uttar Pradesh’s Shia Waqf Board Chief Wasim Rizvi, who accused the religious schools of generating terrorists. In a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Rizwi enlisted a list of problems with the madrasas and suggested that the schools be enlisted as mainstream schools.

Rizvi alleged that the madrasas were being used by Muslim clerics as a business venture, who are not being able to produce doctors and engineers but terrorists.

“How many madrasas have produced engineers, doctors, IAS officers?” Rizvi asks. “Yes, but some madrasas have produced terrorists,” he told ANI.

He suggested that the madrasas be converted into mainstream schools by registering them under ICSE, CBSE and state board. He also stated that religious education should be made optional and should allow the admission of non-Muslim students.

“Madrasas should be affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and allow non-Muslim students, religious education should be made optional," the Waqf board chief said.

He also emphasised that the madrasas have untrained teachers, lack basic facilities and don’t help children to crack competitive examinations. He even alleged that non-registered madrasas are funded by terror outfits from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Rizvi also enlisted the problems with madrasas in Uttar Pradesh – lack of playground, washroom, canteen and a computer room. He further accused the religious schools of regression among the children, who are later exploited by terrorism. “Poor and backward children are like easy targets for terrorists,” Rizvi said.

While talking about West Bengal, Rizvi said, “The example of West Bengal is before us… where it has been found that some madrasas were imparting training to make bombs. Madrasas have been turned into business by mullahs, who send their own children to convent schools. While they fail to ensure good jobs for these children, a large number of them have become terrorists.”

The Waqf chief also said that in the name of religion, madrasas are taking children away from modernization and towards radicalism. “In India, certain organisations and ‘Kattarpanthi Mullahs’ (radical muslims) are taking Muslim children away from the mainstream in the name of madrasa education. The level of education of Muslim children in madrasas is so low that instead of general society, they are moving towards radicalism.”

On the other hand, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi called Rizvi a joker and opportunist for his statements.

"Wasim Rizvi is the biggest joker, the most opportunistic person. He has sold his soul to RSS. I challenge this buffoon to show one Shia or Sunni or madrassa where such teachings are imparted. If he has proof, then he should go and show it to the home minister," Owaisi told ANI.

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