Turkey Drops Evolution

Students in Turkey are steered to believe that the creator of the universe is Allah and there is no such thing as theory of evolution.

Turkey’s new school drops evolution to teach jihad. As Ismet Yilmaz, country’s education minister believe that Darwin’s theory is beyond the comprehension of 18 year olds, who albeit have the power the elect country’s leader.

Mehhmet Balik, chairman of the Union of Education and Science Workers condemns the reformation, "The new policies that ban the teaching of evolution and requiring all schools to have a prayer room, these actions destroy the principle of secularism and the scientific principles of education," he said.

This is not as horrifying as what President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans for Turkey’s future after winning the 2017 constitutional referendum. A dictator born out of the ballot box is showing his true colors by gradually infusing the conservative religious thoughts into public’s mind. He is planting seeds of his idea of jihad into fragile brains who are all set to soak in. The idea of evolution does not fit in for him as Islam believes that god created us which contradicts the theory of humans evolving from apes which Darwin advocates.

He ends ban on headscarves, tightens restrictions on alcohol sales and frees the mosques from the government’s control and subconsciously manipulates the citizens against the military coup that was sought to look after the Turkey’s secularism since 1920’s. But Turkey was not always like this. It once used to be a progressive and secular nation that distinguished religion and the civil society in the public sphere under Mustafa Ataturk’s reign.

Afraid of dissent, Erdogan is doing the exact opposite and rolling back the work of Mustafa Ataturk the progressive founder of modern Turkey who believed in religious free education.

The chairman of teachers’ union believe this is a huge step in wrong direction,

“Generations who ask questions, that's what the government fears” he said.​

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