What made Aaditya Thackeray tweet against coffee giant CCD? Find out

Plastic cups and straws have taken over many coffee shops. Heck, plastic surrounds us just about everywhere. Though it is useful, plastic is something that is quite harmful to the environment. So when Aaditya Thackeray went over for coffee at a Café Coffee Day branch, he was in for a shock.

The youth activist tweeted that he had coffee at CCD several times and was taken aback when he noticed that a few branches were still serving plastic cups and straws. He also added that he decided not to have any more coffee from the store until they help in beating plastic pollution. He wants CCD to join him in helping the planet.

The tweet has garnered a lot of traction since he put it up on May 30. The CCD customer care replied to the tweet, albeit with what looked like a generic reply. They asked for Aaditya’s contact details; just like any other company does, to share updates with him.


It is not clear if Aaditya replied to CCD or if any action has been taken post his complaint. Plastics are a menace for the environment. Many highlighted that roadside coffee shops often use earthen pots or brass tumblers to sell tea and coffee.

Let’s wait and watch if CCD takes any action on the same.

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