Apple’s 2019 iPhone rumoured to have 3 rear cameras

The next iPhone is a long way off but rumours are abound about its possible features. While it is rumoured that iPhone 9 will have an OLED screen, we now have news about the possible camera layout on the 2019 version of the iPhone. Reports mention that a tri camera setup is on the cards.


The tri-camera setup will be capable of advanced 3D sensing through stereoscopic vision. In this process, two sensors will capture images from varying angles to create a 3D object. To find out the distance between the phone and the subject, the cameras will make use of a technology known as triangulation method.


The current Apple flagship, the iPhone X, uses the TrueDepth system on its front cameras to capture 3D info for its FaceID authentication. It also uses the same tech for Animojis and emoticons.

With three cameras at the back, optical zooming could get a huge boost. Several rumours claim that the third lens will be of a longer focal length and will enable a 3x optical zoom.


A triple camera setup isn’t new and Huawei’s P20 Pro already has a similar arrangement. However, 2019 is still a long way off and there’s no confirmation if Apple will actually implement this feature or not.


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