Dark days ahead; Facebook rips-off Musical.ly’s lip sync feature for live videos

You must’ve come across videos of people lip-syncing to songs on your timeline. If you thought that was annoying, you’ve got another thing coming. Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its live videos that’s a rip-off from Musical.ly, an app that lets you put up video selfies while lip-syncing to popular numbers.

On June 5, Facebook announced its plans to launch the feature. The only difference between Musical.ly and Facebook’s lip-sync tool is that the latter only allows you to post videos live. At present, there’s no way to keep off live videos from showing up on your feed. These are dark times indeed.


Unlike Facebook, Musical.ly offers more features to customise videos. The app reportedly has 60 million active users, mostly teenagers. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise to see Facebook adopting the lip-sync tool. After all, teens are dumping Mark Zuckerberg’s creation and moving to greener pastures.


However, putting up a new feature on a platform that is quickly becoming uncool for the youth doesn’t necessarily mean that teens will return to it. Think about it. Facebook is now home to old people and the last thing a teen would want is to see their great-aunt lip-syncing to Justin Bieber on their timeline. Instead, it is possible that’ they’ll move to platforms with more people of their age group.

Tut-tut! Facebook, what are you tuning into?

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