Hailey Baldwin’s wardrobe goes all neon thanks to the gossip girl Blake Lively

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s love saga is an inspiration to many. Recently, we came across a video of Justin humming 'sexual healing' song to his wife in public. And this time, not Bieber, but its Baldwin who is making a fashion headline. Strolling on the streets of Los Angeles, Hailey’s neon outfit can literally make you blind, but hey, let’s indulge in some positive talk. Shall we? A look at Baldwin’s flashy neon sweat-suit and we were instantly reminded of Blake Lively.

Back in August 2018, Blake Lively made a style statement wearing a full-fledged neon pantsuit with cute baubles and here we have Baldwin taking cues from the Gossip Girl. Well, both the girls look like a highlighter in their head-to-toe neon outfit, but kudos to Baldwin for not going elsewhere and taking inspo from none other than Serena van ser Woodsen (Blake). So, are you all fashionistas noting down how neon can be a damn chic option?



If you haven't followed Gossip Girl then we would like to mention that Blake/Serena was THE MOST stylish babe in the bitchy series. These latest images, where we see Hailey's  OOTD on the lines of Blake, we are so impressed by Justin's wifey knowing exactly where to look out for style inspiration.

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