PM Narendra Modi's fitness challenge is resulting in some hilarious stuff!

Who knew the fitness challenge, started by Sports Minister  Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, was going to be this interesting! Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only accepted the challenge from Virat Kohli, but passed it further by nominating Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy. That's another savage story we will tell you another some time but for now, you must have watched the video the Prime Minister shared, giving us a sneak peek into his fitness routine.

And hey, our beloved meme diggers are at work already! There are some ingenious videos also doing the rounds. Need some fun to get over the bad day at work? We're here to help!

Aur, Ab Dangal Hoga!

And hey, did you see this yet?

We've no opinion regarding the meme below.

And, the last one.

PS. Just for fun.


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