Atlassian co-founder Cannon-Brookes pockets Australia's most expensive home

The most expensive piece of real estate Down Under has been picked up by Cannon-Brookes, the co-founder of software company Atlassian. Cannon and his wife shelled out a cool $73 million (nearly 530 crore) for the property. The historic 1.12 hectare estate, Fairwater, formerly belonged to late Mary Fairfax, whose family previously owned the Sydney Morning Herald. The lavish water front mansion lied for more than a century in the hands of the Fairfax family, until the death of Lady Mary in September 2017.


"We are delighted with the purchase of Fairwater for our young family and look forward to continuing the legacy of this beautiful Sydney home,” Cannon-Brookes said in a statement. “We love the idea of raising our four young children in this historic property.”


Fairwater stands as one of the most significant heritage homes in Australia. The giant estate, was built in 1981 and is slightly larger than a rugby field. The largest of its kind in the area, it is known to have hosted grand parties, with royalty, politicians and celebrities among the prestigious invitees over the decades.

The whopping amount of the mansion beats the Australian record of an estimated 75 million Australian dollars paid for Elaine, another Fairfax mansion, which was bought by Cannon-Brooks’ Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar last year (2017).

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