Ferrari ki Sawari: New Monza SP1, SP2 have virtual wind shields

Ferrari has unveiled a supercar Monza, with SP1 and SP2 variants, on the occasion of the company’s Capital Market’s Day. The cars from this special-series are limited in number and will target the most loyal customers. The cars have been inspired by iconic models that the company produced back in fifties and sixties. The supercar features a ‘Virtual Wind Shield’ and both the variants can reach 100 kmph in 2.9 seconds.

The Virtual Wind Shield keeps away a part of air flow to maintain driving comfort. Priced at $1.3 million, the SP is the first in the company’s Icona series of cars. While SP1 is a single-seater, SP2 is a two-seater, with an added second protective screen and a second roll-bar. The models feature unique design, and its distinctive details such as head-and tail-lights, wheels and interior, further enhancing the cars’ exclusivity.

The body shell of both the cars is made entirely from lightweight carbon-fibre and the entire interior is trimmed in the same material with a natural finish to enhance the sporty impact of the design.

While introducing the supercars, the company’s new CEO, Louis Camilleri, told the investors, "Our objectives are ambitious, but they are based on a meticulously constructed model pipeline, our enviable pricing power and appropriate investment levels."


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