John Abraham’s car collection is fancy but his Maruti Gypsy tops the list!

Bollywood actor and handsome hunk, John Abraham is considered one of the most private celebrities in tinsel town. Right from his friend circle to media appearances, his fashion sense to his script choices, everything appears to be as low-key and grounded as the actor himself. Although his car collection is exceptional, John makes sure to keep it luxuriously simple. The Dhoom actor has a magnificent lot of four-wheelers under his name. However, Abraham’s most-preferred/go-to car from his enormous collection is a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy.

In today’s time, apart from a high-end outfit, a celebrity’s car collection defines his/her status and John Abraham defies this custom. The actor might be blessed with a stupendous amount of branded cars but he is no mood to ditch his decades-old Maruti Gypsy. John Abraham is well-known for his macho appeal and owning a huge white Gypsy adds to it. The actor, along with his petrol Gypsy, is often seen on the highway.


Talking about his Maruti Suzuki Gypsy in details, it is one of India’s oldest cars that made its way to market about 30 years ago with the 970cc F10A Suzuki engine. The Gypsy is quite a rage among the military and para-military forces of India because of its bulletproof reliability and mountain goat-like agility off the road. It costs around Rs 5 to 10 Lakhs. Along with John, his brother Alan, too, owns one.


Apart from a huge but ordinary Gypsy, John’s car collection includes the likes of an Audi Q7, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi Q3 and a Black Nissan GT-R and a lot of fancy bikes.

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