Steve Jobs' first computer sold to mystery buyer

A rare Apple-1 computer was on September 26 sold to a bidder of unknown identity. The device was reportedly sold for $350,000, a price that is $50,000 more than what the auction house RR Auction had initially estimated. The USP? The Apple-1 computer is the first computer to be developed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Of course, the device doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of a modern computer, but for someone who appreciates technology or antique items, it would be quite cool to have a retro comp sitting on their desk.


The Apple-1 was sold along with a set of original peripherals including a mod-free board, a cassette interface, a manual, an ASCII keyboard, a Sanyo 4205 ‘open frame’ video screen, and a bunch of connectors and interface cables. According to reports, the device was one of the 60-70 Apple-1s which still exist, down from the original 200 which were built by Jobs and Wozniak, and priced at $666.66.


RR Auction reported that the sold device had to be restored to its original state before it went under the gavel. Jobs and Wozniak were the founders of Apple, and the duo had visited the owner of The Byte Shop, Paul Terrell, who agreed to buy 40 of the devices, only if they were fully assembled, so that the buyers didn’t have to fix anything themselves.


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