Asaram Bapu, who once desired to go to Tihar jail, is now pleading for mercy

Be careful with what you wish for, it may just come true. Asaram Bapu is a living example. Cutting it straight, remember the famous speech that Bapu gave when he shared his desire to go to the Tihar jail and spend a few days there? If the memory has faded, fret not.

We have that video for you.

Cutting to present, Asaram Bapu has been lodged in Jodhpur Central Jail after he was convicted for raping a minor girl in the year 2013. He had then moved to High Court challenging this decision of Jodhpur court. Much to his dismay, his petition is yet to be listed for hearing.

Moving on, we now hear that Bapu has filed for a mercy plea to the Governor of Rajasthan seeking dilution of his life sentence. The Hindu has quoted superintendent of Jodhpur Central Jail Kailash Trivedi saying, “We have received Asaram’s mercy plea. We have sought a report from the district administration and police on this mercy plea.” Reports suggest that he has pleaded mercy on grounds that the punishment is quite grueling as per his age.

But why would you do that Bapu? Weren't you the one who wanted to 'enjoy' the environment of jail in the first place? Double standards, we sense! *wink*

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