Asian Games 2018: 15 Gold, 24 Silver, 30 Bronze and an economy class ticket

As the Asian Games 2018 comes to a close, India as a nation couldn't be prouder of the athletes who represented the country on the international platform.  However, it seems that the accompanying bureaucrats don't share the sentiment. While returning from Jakarta, the athletes were handed economy class tickets. Now, that would have been fine but the official accompanying them, namely the deputy chef de mission of the Indian contingent RK Sacheti, flew back home on a business class ticket. This is obviously unfair.

“They are here because of us. Not the other way around. I am okay flying economy but not if these officials are given better seats,” said an athlete on board the SQ 967, from Jakarta to Singapore.

The Indian Olympic Association had cleared the air when the sports ministry had initially objected Sacheti's presence at the Asian Games. RK Sacheti reacted to the controversy saying that he used his own air miles to upgrade his seat. “We too are supposed to fly economy but I have used my air miles to upgrade."

Miles or no miles, it was certainly unsporting behaviour that the top official from Boxing Federation of India displayed. If he used his own miles, then the athletes also worked hard for the numerous medals they secured at the international platform - couldn't Sacheti, then, use his own money and upgrade them to business class as well? Well, they're bureaucrats for a reason. 

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