Drug lords put in Putin on their cocaine consignment

Belgian cops busted a huge cocaine shipment in Ghent, which was marked with a bear symbol quite identical to United Russia’s party logo. Nearly two tonnes of cocaine was caught on Tuesday. The drugs were stored in three containers, arriving at the port of Ghent from Brazil. Cocaine was very much secretly packed into almost 1900 bricks, some of which flashed a similar looking logo depicting a polar bear under the Russian flag.

The image very much resembled to the official logo of Russia’s ruling party.

This left the party puzzled wondering as to why South American drug lords will choose a logo like that to carry out trade. “Now, this is fame!” high-ranking party official and lawmaker Evgeny Revenko joked on social media. “Or, maybe, they simply liked the flag with our bear. In any case, this made my day, and [I had] a good laugh.”


Later, a party’s spokesperson confirmed to RBC TV channel that the officials took a humorous approach to the whole drug fiasco. The massive bricks of cocaine were professionally hidden, the police said local media, adding that the cargo’s massive size makes it the largest drugs seizure in Ghent’s history. All of the shipment, with a value estimated at about 100 million euro, was promptly destroyed by authorities several days later.

Also for the unaware, in July, a large cocaine shipment with many photos of ace Brazilian football superstar Neymar was busted in Guatemal.

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