Guru Randhawa’s song High Rated Gabru gets Pakistan official sacked

Let’s not mince words, but India and Pakistan have never shared cordial relations. While everything has been tried from our end to calm the ever so coming wrath and hatred from Pakistan, seems like the situation is still the same. Across the border, people are still holding grudges, and this recent incident proves the same.

So the story goes like this, Pakistan's Airport Security Force (ASF) recently punished a female employee after she posted a video where she was seen grooving to Indian singer Guru Randhawa's song, High Rated Gabru. Well, the punishment was not at all little! ASF reportedly withheld her increments and perks for two years for violating code of conduct. The video, which went viral on social media, showed her wearing a cap with Pakistan's flag while lip-syncing to the song.

We do not think there is something wrong in lip-syncing or dancing to a tune that one loves. But then, trust Pakistan for doing this. Forget code of conduct, this just looks like a way to relieve aggression. Insane isn’t it?​

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