El Chapo convicted: Five facts you probably didn’t know about the drug lord

The notorious Mexican crime lord El Chapo was convicted after three-month long drug trial held in New York. The conviction passed on February 12, could put him behind bars, in a high-security prison, for life. According to the New York Times, the trial exposed the workings of his cartel, which was responsible for transporting tons of drugs across the US and Mexico. Interestingly, Chapo, who is convicted in the US, is considered to be a hero in his country.

The drug lord, whose real name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera, was very creative in finding new methods to smuggle his merchandise. He was also known to be very violent against his rivals and could easily give the slip to Mexican authorities. In case you’re not familiar with Chapo’s exploits, let’s remind you that he’s a lot like the infamous Pablo Escobar.

Here’s a couple of things, Chapo is well-known for:

He had his own plantation at 15


While a number of young people are busy hunting weed dealers, El Chapo started a plantation with the help of his cousins!

His prison cell was like a five-star hotel


Reports said that when Chapo was imprisoned in 1993, he bribed and intimidated officials and converted his prison cell to a deluxe room that looked a lot like a hotel. What’s more, he could even call prostitutes in there.

He escaped prison twice


Chapo was first arrested in 1993 for drug trafficking and murder. He managed to escape by bribing the guards, despite staying in a maximum security prison. Reports said that in 2014, he was arrested again, but did not try to resist. Within a year, he escaped again.

People wrote songs about him!


Legends are immortalized by songs. El Chapo’s exploits made him a cult figure and most of the ‘Corridos,’ praised him instead of condemning him.

He lined up the route to his house with bodies


According to Drug Lords: El Chapo (Netflix), Chapo had once lined up dead bodies on route to his house. BTW, he never lived in a mansion as you’d expect. His home was a modest dwelling and he doesn’t like drawing attention to himself.


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