Former Congress governor, Margaret Alva’s son faces harassment charges

Amidst the ongoing #MeToo Movement, a new offender has been shamed. Former Cabinet Minister and Governor of the Indian National Congress, Margaret Alva’s son Nikhil Alva has been accused of stalking and harassment. A 44-year-old woman revealed how Nikhil has harassed her online by sending some obscene and objectionable e-mails. A complaint was filed by the survivor on December 4 which has now been converted into a First Information Report (FIR). The complainant approached the Haryana Woman Commission (HWC) too, but neither police nor the latter has taken any action or provided any support.

As per the complainant, Nikhil has been stalking, insulting her modesty and mentally harassing for the past three years, in spite of consecutive warnings. The complainant, in her FIR, said, “Nikhil Alva on various email groups of residents which were created to act as an internal platform for discussions on various issues arising in the Lagoon Complex in which more than 343 members are part of including me and Alva. He has repeatedly, maliciously targeted me with an intent and motive to cast false and incorrect aspersions from last three years.”

The complainant also alleged Alva of 'willfully, deliberately and intentionally' posting e-mails on various groups with ‘unwelcome sexual overtone’ using highly inappropriate and offensive language. “Despite a clear indication of disinterest from side and advice to stop loose expressions and obnoxious language in the mails, Alva on many occasions tries to systematically assassinate my character by calling me voyeur, fake, disgraceful, a con, liar, manipulative, shrewd, obsessed, incredibly sick, twisted brain and psychotic lady and tried to portray a bad picture of mine in the eyes of every one,” mentioned the complainant.

The complainant further mentioned that Alva has threatened her to ruin her image by publishing all the emails in a book. “Due to Alva, my fellow neighbours and numerous other people have also started criticizing me with their opinion on the basis of Alva’s mail. It is not only causing me mental harassment but also broken the peace in my family,” said the complainant.

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