Ira Trivedi slams Chetan Bhagat with a 'defamatory notice'

In the wake of the on-going #MeToo fire, renowned writer Chetan Bhagat also stands as one of those accused of sexual misconduct. The author was accused by writer and yoga exponent Ira Trivedi a couple of days back. A week after Bhagat termed the accusations against him as ‘false’ by releasing a series of screenshots of his conversation with Trivedi, the latter has now slapped the Half Girlfriend writer with a legal notice!


Bhagat’s screenshots, which he took to Twitter to share in his defence, had Trivedi’s mail signed off as ‘Mis u kis u’ which the former used to pose the question ‘who kissed whom’ to his followers. Terming his tweets as ‘defamatory’, Trivedi sent a notice to the author on Monday seeking an apology. She alleged that Bhagat ‘outraged her modesty and conducted himself in the most inappropriate and unlawful manner in 2010 by trying to kiss her without consent’.

"5. Woman journalist and author Ira Trivedi Her Story: Chetan Bhagat is a renowned author and a lot of aspiring writers look up to him. But it was shameful to see how the author asked for sexual favours and flirted with a journalist over a chat. The anonymous journalist shared their chats on social media and that’s when his predatory side came into the limelight. Later, female author Ira Trivedi too came out of her closet and called Chetan a predator. The impact: Embarrassed to the core, Chetan took to social media to openly apologize to the woman journalist for his behavior. However, he has denied all the charged levied by Ira Trivedi and also made one of her secret mails sent to him public. Ira is yet to respond!"

She further demanded the removal of the ‘defamatory statements’ and has asked Bhagat to come up with a true explanation within 10 days of receipt of the notice. In the failure of which, she would take a legal action.

Through his ‘self-explanatory mail’, Bhagat urged people to not harm a movement with ‘fake charges’ and to not ‘believe such nonsense’.

Trivedi detailed her alleged sexual harassment experience on October 13 and also accused Suhel Seth of sexually harassing her 5 years ago.​

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