Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fight it out in a netball shootout

Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already started fighting. No, no we aren’t talking about any trouble in their paradise but we are gushing over the  face off they had in a netball shootout during their visit to the Loughborough University for the Coach Core Awards. The Royals, who gave away an array of prizes to the promising youngsters of the university, put their netball skills to the test on Monday. Beautiful Meghan, who was dressed in towering stilettoes, still managed to smile as she lost to the Duke of Sussex with 3-2.

The pair looked extremely adorable as they gave each other a hug after the netball shootout, leaving all those attending the ceremony in a complete awe.

While giving away the ‘Graduate of the Year’ award, the Duchess also spoke about her husband’s devotion to Coach Core.

"My husband has devoted so many years to Coach Core and in the past year of my being in the UK to be able to see not just the impact but the incredible inspiration and sense of purpose that this instills in people is astounding," she told the audience.

The ceremony held was a part of a scheme run by the couple’s Royal Foundation that aims at helping young people who are not in education or employment. The project includes 12 months of training to create the next generation of sports coaches.

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