Prince Harry is a jokester, says Meghan Markle’s baby might not be his

The Royals, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry make headlines every day. They were recently touring Morocco and they did grab eyeballs for their fashion stints. While we did report how stylish the pair looked as they attended a meeting with King Mohammed VI,  what we missed was Prince Harry's humorous act. Well, if you are bored with Tristan Thompson-Khloe Kardashian-Jordyn Woods or Lady Gaga /Braley Cooper's saga, we've got a piece of humour, courtesy Prince Harry.

It so happened that the world got to see Prince Harry's stand up comedy act as he flaunted a bit of his humour. BBC News recorded the hilarious incident when the two visited a secondary school. During a Q&A session, a woman went ahead and congratulated Duchess of Sussex on her pregnancy. “What, you’re pregnant?” Harry turned into a jokester and asked Meghan. “Surprise!” Meghan replied with a grin. But hey the convo did not end there as Harry said, “Is it mine?!” *giggles*


Prince Harry's comedy act for Meghan Markle is really how a man should be to his pregnant wife, fun and full of life!

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