Year Ender 2018: How Mumbai Police tickled our funny bones with these hilarious tweets

Mumbai Police joined Twitter in December 2016 and since then, the Twitter page has been steadily winning hearts with witty tweets and mocks. It has been spreading awareness on issues like cyberstalking, traffic safety, anti-drugs campaign among others, with a dose of humour that leaves us crying with laughter every time we come across them. The profile has been on point with its Twitter game with the usage of puns in its one-liners and memes based on the latest trends. In fact, the Mumbai Police has been faster than anyone to jump on a trend. As 2018 ends, let’s look back and go through some of their insanely hilarious tweets throughout the year that cracked us up.

#1 Sexist Lyrics

The profile put up a line of Shahid Kapoor’s Tu Mere Agal Bagal under ‘reel life’ and wrote IPC Section 294 is closer’ under ‘real life’ in its meme.


#2 Drug Abuse

The profile aims to fight drugs, hence, raised awareness about drug use in a very unique and smart way.


#3 Rash Driving

Oh, how it used your favourite Fault In Our Stars’ dialogue to warn ‘irresponsible driving’.


#4 Cyber Crime

Involved Sheldon in their meme and we’re sure the Big Bang Theory star would be impressed with it!


#5 Traffic Safety

How can we miss out on this? A one-liner that even got Daisy Shah viral. It was used so aptly to promote traffic safety.


#6 Online Safety

Oh good lord! This will hurt your tummy with endless laughter.


#7 Helmet Rules

It didn’t spare ‘Chai Peelo Aunty’ either. Another hilarious way to promote road safety. Instant hit!


#8 Dail 100

And then came a Stranger Things meme. Isn’t this one your favourite?


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