Year Ender 2018: MJ Akbar, Vinod Dua and other celebs from non entertainment world who faced the heat of #MeToo

It was when Tanushree Dutta spoke up out her decade-old alleged sexual harassment by Nana Patekar that the #MeToo movement gained momentum in India. Several women have mustered the courage to speak up about their horrific experiences in the hands of the powerful. Besides the celebs from the film and entertainment industry, many men from the non-entertainment world are also accused of sexual misconduct. The list starts at ace politician M J Akbar to journalists like Prashant Jha and Sidharth Bhatia. Let’s go back to those ghastly accusations, some of which left us with goosebumps.

#1 MJ Akbar

The politician tops the list when it comes to sexual harassment accusations and is being called Harvey Weinstein of India. A total of 16 harassment survivors spoke up against the minister. The ray of allegations levelled on him includes- setting up job interviews with aspiring women journalists in private hotel rooms, repeatedly calling them to his office cabin for meaningless conversations, sending them out of the workplace and meeting them at a hotel at odd hours.


#2 Vinod Dua

The noted journalist was accused of sexual misconduct by filmmaker Nishtha Jain. The accuser mentioned that Dua tried ‘slobbering all over her face’ and tried stalking her. Dua released a statement denying all the accusations.


#3 Prashant Jha

Jha’s name surfaced in an account posted as part of a Twitter thread that encouraged many women to name and shame people who had allegedly sexually harassed them. One of his colleagues alleged that the journalist sent inappropriate messages to her on WhatsApp. She also put up screenshots of the same on social media. Following this, Jha stepped down from his post (Political Editor and bureau chief of Hindustan Times).


#4 Sidharth Bhatia

The founder of The Wire was accused by two women of passing lewd remarks during his time at DNA. He issued a formal statement claiming that he had no knowledge of the two fellow employees at DNA.


#5 KR Sreenivas

The TOI editor was accused by his colleague of touching her thighs while dropping her off at work. The accuser also tweeted similar allegations made by other women who alleged that Sreenivas harassed them and sent lewd social media messages.


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